Monday, June 3

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Sundö, 12:30


While we have been in Helsinki Svante has made progress with the summer kitchen. The main framework and walls, and most of the floor, are now complete.

At 9:00 the girls went off to the fields to work with Camilla, Irma continued to mow the lawn and plant flowers, and I started painting the shed.

At 11:30 we all went to Camilla’s for a brunch. This is a farm tradition, although usually it is reserved for those actually working in the fields. Today, though, Camilla both welcomed us to the summer and offloaded a mass of remaining food from the party.

On the way back I start talking with some of the sheep. There are a lot of new lambs and, as always, some of the sheep are very timid and some are very inquisitive. As always, I only manage to photograph the latter.

I will spend the rest of the afternoon painting the shed. At 17:00 we will eat tuna pasta salad, which Irma has made. At 18:00 Irma will leave and an hour later I will stop for the day.

In the evening Irma will send us photographs of Sunshine, who was waiting there when she arrived home.