Friday, June 7

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The small park near ARcada, 14:50


The day began with a late breakfast. Irma had left early for the second day of her seminar and both Auo and I celebrated the total lack of mosquitoes and wasps by refusing to wake up.

In the morning I had a Skype chat with Gerri Moriarty who is working on a book and website about the forgotten history of community arts. After this I left for Arcada.

Now I am walking in the park nearby, having had lunch and deciding that I needed to stop looking at a screen for awhile. It is the first time I have been in the park this year.

In a few moments I will return and write the learning outcomes and examination schedules for all my courses for next year. After doing this I will get a phone call from a man who wants to deliver a parcel to me in an hour. Deciding that this can only be my new passport, I will stop everything and race home.

I will spend an hour painting the new fence that Pate made yesterday and then my passport will arrive in a DHL van. It is biometric but not the jumbo-sized one I ordered.

In the evening it will rain heavily, and much much later Naa will return from Emilia’s eighteenth birthday party.