Saturday, June 8

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Galleria Art Marina, 16:10


We all got up and had a yogurt. Then we packed up the cat, packed the car, and left for Pellinki. We phoned Camila on the way but the market was busy for the first time this year and, at 10:30, we were too late for fish cakes, or fresh fish of any kind.

When we arrived Sunshine was a happy cat. It knows the house and fields now and set off exploring the area. It wasn’t even very bothered by the dogs. It just avoided them.

I watered the plants and Mikael gave me the white paint for the inside of the kitchen and the black paint for the floor.

Now Camilla, Irma and I are on an art tour of the island. At the moment we are at Terttu Schroderus’ house and gallery. Her paintings are genuinely interesting, and very accomplished. I am looking out of the window of her studio at the view of the bay.

Later we will go to the Pellinki museum where Eva is having a joint exhibition of her wire work and felting with Rune Rikberg’s ceramics. He has some fantastic wine glasses which Irma would like for a birthday present. He will be strangely reluctant to sell them, and so we will leave empty handed.

In the evening I will don my secret agent outfit and go off the investigate The Case of the Band that Shouldn’t Play. This will involve the night ferry and take until 01:35.