Sunday, June 9

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the garden in Sundö, 17:15


We woke up late and had breakfast. I watered the plants that needed watering. Irma and Auo caught the 14:00 ferry. Irma has a meeting at 16:00 and Auo has an architectural summer course all this week.

I am sitting in the garden reading and wondering whether I should start painting the kitchen today or tomorrow. I am looking at the kitchen and realising that the day is as hot as last week. I decide to decide later.

Auo will catch me on Google Hangouts to tell me that she has finally got the Android 4.1 jellybean update for her Xperia S phone. I will check mine but realise that it is so large that it needs a broadband connection and will take all day to download over 3G. I will decide to do it later in the week when I am in Helsinki. It is about eight months late, so another four days will be neither here nor there.

Later Naa and I will have sausages and mash for dinner. Afterwards I will check my mail and discover a mail from Zurker saying that they re disallowing Facebook logins. This will remind me that Zurker exists and that I have an account. I will check it out.

I will remain puzzled. There seems to be a clever and open idea behind it, but I still can’t work out what it is and why it should interest me…