Monday, June 10

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House, Sundö, 7:50


It was slightly rainy this morning but the clouds soon passed and the sun came out.

I woke at 7:30 and read for an hour until Naa appeared for breakfast. She left to find Camilla at 9:00 and I cleaned the kitchen and set about painting the inside of the outdoor kitchen.

Camilla had flu, and so Naa came home to make herself brunch while I carried on painting. I carried on painting until about 17:30 when I finally finished. I had, however, realised some hours previously that the paint was soaking into the untreated wood very unevenly and a second (and possibly a third) coat would be required. There was no celebrating when I finished then.

I spent about thirty minutes washing paint off myself in cold water before going to Tirmo to see if they had any pizzas. They had none at all, but they did have fish fingers. So that was dinner.

Now I am clearing up and Sunshine is back from wherever it has been all day demanding food.

It will start to get cloudy and windy again in the evening. Naa will go to bed early, and I will sleep in a t-shirt under a thick duvet.

Shortly before midnight it will begin thundering and the long, continuous rumbling will continue for several hours, waking me from time to time.

At one point I will realise that the cat has crawled under the bed to get away from the thunder and the flies.