Friday, June 21

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Market, 8:50


This morning we got up early and drove to the market. We opened the stall, and Irma kept fine-tuning it. This is what it looks like as the market is officially about to start.

We will spend the morning here, and it is a radically different experience in a hut then by a table in front of the big stone. Everyone will enjoy it more.

Afterwards we will sit in Benita’s for a bit before coming home to sit in the garden. The day has got steadily hotter and the afternoon and evening will be just like summer. In the garden we will listen to the sound of jetskis and motor boats as people work themselves into a midsummer frenzy.

We will eat a big fresh fish dinner and then Irma will declare herself too tired at 21:00 and go to bed.

This will turn out to be providential because I will set to, painting the floor of the outdoor kitchen, and by the time I go to bed it will be done.