Saturday, June 22

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Pellinki Museum, 12:30


I got up early and put the final touches to the outdoor kitchen floor, which was done by the time everyone else woke up.

Now we are at the traditional midsummer event at the museum. The accordionists are playing and the folk dancers are dancing. Eva Kyrklund is looking traditional in the museum doorway.

In the evening we will go , briefly, to Tirmobaren where there is a band playing. We will be questioned about whether the music is too loud or too quiet and whether we like it or not. We will notice that everyone else is sitting as far away from the music as possible. Puzzled by our interrogation, we will leave earlier than we intended and head back to the (relative) sanity of home.

Irma will get suddenly angry and storm to the sauna house, where she will shake flower petals out of a loofah. Nobody, including Irma, will have any idea what they were doing there in the first place.