Monday, June 24

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Garden, Sundö, 19:55


Irma left this morning, after breakfast, and took the girls with her. She was going to Helsinki and the girls were going to Borgå.

I began the day by cleaning the sauna floor which Irma had declared dirty. I then spent the day cleaning and writing. I had intended to spend all day writing but the lure of the new outside kitchen was too great. Displacement activity, I believe we call it.

At 17:00 the girls arrived back from their day out on the Pellinki bus. They had eaten at Hesburger, and visited Brunberg, so no dinner was necessary.

The day has been very warm without being sunny. The air itself has been hot on the skin.

Now I am outside in the evening cool, drawn to the outside kitchen again. I will fill the water buckets and sit outside reading, in the hope that the cat comes back before bedtime.

It won’t.