Thursday, July 4

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Sundö, 21:00


This morning the girls started work later at 10:00 and finished earlier because Camilla had said there was little to to today and a lot to do tomorrow.

In the afternoon Naa decided to make Iram a card for when she returns, Auo decided to collect a bunch of flowers for the table, and I decided to go and get her two bottles of this summer’s favourite cider: UpCider Pomegranite Limited Edition.

Now we are waiting for her to arrive. The 21:00 ferry has just gone and she was not on that. The sky is beginning to show the reds of dusk. In thirty minutes I will phone her to ask if she is coming tonight or tomorrow.

In an hour’s time she will arrive with the new bargain pulsaattori washing machine, designed for use in summer houses.

We will stay up late having a good time.