Monday, July 8

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House in Sundö, 16:00


An early writing morning in which a lot got written before the sun heated up and everyone else woke. I saw Johan leaving for his year in the army.

The family day started with a change of bedding and two loads of washing. I carried 500 litres of water and by the end my back hurt. I tested an inflatable boat, which seemed to hold air, even when the girls went swimming with it. While they were swimming I painted a small cupboard white, which led me to paint Irma’s washing area white too.

I am standing in the kitchen looking at the fridge which is next to the washing area. The washing area is situated so that it is impossible to photograph it without it looking blue. I try and give up.

Auo’s phone case finally arrived from today. I looked at it and decided that I should have one too. Hers is pink. Mine will be red.