Tuesday, July 9

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Borgå, 14:00


This morning the girls went to work and we did two loads of washing. The day was very hot.

Now we are in Borgå about to enter Mikro-Kulma to buy hooks. We will, in fact, spend most of the afternoon shopping. Hooks we will get, but also a length of hose that might replace the bucket-exercise that is currently part of the washing routine.

Then we will go to the Brunberg outlet for chocolates and Lidl for a large variety of things to eat and drink. This will include a hot-dog pizza which is even better than it sounds.

When we get home we will discover that Mikael and Camilla are in urgent need of hay-baling help, now that Juhan and his friends are no longer available. We will join Marina and her son Maurice, Ann-Sofie and Alex and throw hay into wagons. The day will continue to be scorchingly hot.

I will load bales in the fields and then drive Camilla’s car to the farm while she drives one of the tractors. At the farm I will unload the hay and stack it before driving the car back to the fields. At 21:30 Irma will take the girls into the house for a late dinner, and I will unload most of a wagon of hay bales on my own and carry them up the ramp into the barn. Gita will join me for a bit and Marina will arrive from the fields for the final part.

I will be more physically exhausted than I can remember being for years. Every muscle in my arms and shoulders will ache. I will fall asleep in seconds.