Wednesday, July 10

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the fields in Sundö, 15:00


Today I have been feeling the effects of unloading the hay. My back has been fine but my upper arms and my thighs have been somewhere between aching and hurting. I have also realised that I was bitten by an insect that must have got inside my shirt. Under my left arm is bright red and very sore.

This morning we did cleaning while the girls worked and washing when they had finished. Now we are pausing because the library bus has arrived. Naa, Auo, Camilla and Ann-Sofie are the customers. It makes a sound very similar to the ice-cream truck that comes every Tuesday.

In an hour we will head to the evening market where Irma will be happy with the amount of customers she has and the amount of things they buy. This will be helped by the arival of the Alexandra, a sailing ship that caters for serious tourists.

After the market Irma will make dinner, and then she and Auo will leave for Helsinki. Naa and I will tidy up. I will go for a walk to take photographs and listen to music.

After supper Naa will retire to her hut and I will read until I fall asleep.