Thursday, July 11

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Sundö, 23:23


I woke at 7:00, still feeling sore from Monday, and still with my left arm red, swollen and itchy from an insect bite. I got Naa up at 8:30 and she trooted off to work in the fields.

It has been raining hard in the night so Mikael’s plan to bring in the rest of the hay today seems unlikely t actually happen.

At 10:00 I stopped writing to pause for breakfast. While in the kitchen I fixed Irma’s washing room. I replaced the screws that were precariously holding up the blue basket with hooks that hold it securely. Then I went back to what would turn out to be almost a whole day of writing.

By 16:00 I had completely reworked the second section to fit the revised plan. It is not finished. It needs a lot of work, but that is what next week is for. By 16:30 I realisedthat I was now (almost) back on schedule.

I made fishcakes and new potatoes and at 18:00 Naa and I went to help with this year’s final hayfield. Mika drove the bale-making machine, Naa and I piled up the bales, Gita drove the tractor and trailer, Ann-Sofie and Liisa threw the bales into the trailer, and Camilla stacked them.

Camilla drove the bales home in the tractor. I drove Liisa and Naa home in the Transit. By 21:00 we were sitting outside Mikael and Camilla’s house drinking a glass of champagne to celebrate the end of the hay work.

Later I phoned Irma, who seemed happy with what she and Auo had got done. I had a couple of ciders and read, enthused by the day’s progress, the physical exercise and the cider.

Now I am washed and ready for bed. I notice a wonderful red sky but by the time I get my camera it will have almost vanished.

In five minutes I will be deep asleep.