Wednesday, July 17

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Sandholmsudden, 17:50


The morning was very very windy, the girls left for work at 7:40 because is is market day, and I wrote for two hours in the new, improved sauna house. I decided that it really is new and improved, although I could have done with less wind.

Now we are at the market. Terttu is sharing the hut with Irma, and I have spent an hour turning her half into an art gallery to display her paintings. It looks very good, but the paintings are so reflective that all my attempts at photographing them fail in a flurry of reflections. Instead I watch a boat sailing in to dock.

The girls stayed at the farm, and when the market ends we will go back and collect them. They will have caught the cat, and we will leave it inside the house and drive to Helsinki.

It will feel strange being back there now that I am so used to Sundö. I will clean weeds from the front of the house for an hour while Irma does things indoors, and then we will go to bed.

Camilla has promised to feed Sunshine and let him out tomorrow morning.