Friday, July 19

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Sundö, 23:00


I got the girls up early for work. It is market day tomorrow and therefore there was a lot to do. The weather was not promising.

Irma got up late and decided to go to Borgå to get a carpet for the sauna house that she had seen and was afraid would get sold. She suggested that I carry on writing.

About 13:00 a monsoon began. The girls came home thirty minutes later to change their clothes. About 14:00 another monsoon started and this time the girls huddled in a tractor cabin till it had passed.

Irma came back at about 17:00 with a carpet, a mirror, a clothes horse, and much much more. Tirmo Blues began tonight and we thought about going, but the weather was cold and rain kept coming and going and the bands were loud enough that we could hear they were dull plodding seventies revivals. We drank some wine at home instead.

Now it is 23:00 and I have noticed a red sky. By the time I take the photograph it will almost be gone.