Sunday, July 28

YEAR:  2013 | Tags:  | |

Garden, Sundö, 14:00


We all get up late this morning, and I try to fix the hammock again. Irma tests it and actually breaks the hammock itself by snapping the wood, so we replace it with the new one which was going to go somewhere else. I fix it and the knot comes loose and Auo falls on the floor and hurts her bottom. She is exceedingly angry this time. I notice the cat watching from under the potting table.

Later the girls will wash five carpets in the sea while we do two loads of washing. I will multitask by picking blackcurrants at the same time as carrying and loading the water. Then I will clear all the bits of fallen tree away, which takes a couple of hours. After this Irma will ask me to cut down part of another tree.

This will all take place in the blazing heat of the second hot day in a row.