Tuesday, July 30

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Sundö, 20:00


We woke up oddly. Auo had a blocked nose and seemed to have developed flu overnight. I had a headache behind my eyes and a very dry throat.

The carpets have taken two days to dry and so we put them back after breakfast. Then I painted some furniture white, but it was so windy that I had to paint them in the dark in the shed. It was dark because the sky was almost black.

Auo felt ill all day. I read and wrote, with less success than I wanted, and found my lack of inspiration and energy deeply depressing. Auo went and got some potatoes and scrubbed them and we had them with sausages and salad.

Irma sent me a photograph of the jam she had made from the berries we picked over the weekend. Now I am looking at the sky. The weather forecast is promising rain overnight and thunder in the morning and the sky makes this seem very believable.