Wednesday, August 7

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Meridian, Puotila, 9:15


Today is another hot sunny day and I decide to start it by cycling to Prisma. I will get the car charger that I didn’t get yesterday. Everywhere is deserted because most people are back at work. Perhaps it is always like this at 9:15 and I don’t normally notice because I am also at work. I am outside, getting back onto my bike, and there is hardly anyone around.

After breakfast I didthe ironing, cleaned the house and beat the carpets. Somewhere during this process everyone else left to the hairdressers where they planned to spend the rest of the day. I read through some of what I have written this summer, and brought my diary up to date.

Now they are all back looking different. Auo and I have gone for a bike ride to the beach, where I decided to use the outdoor exercise equipment. Goaded on by Auo I did a full twenty minute session which left my shoulders and thighs feeling used.

Now we are at the Meridian Cafe by the harbour in Puotila. We are having a drink. We can see e a renovated Ford Custom Cab pickup truck.

Later the sky will darken and as we go to bed thunder will begin. It will carry on several hours, accompanied by lightning and heavy rain.

The cat will sleep under the bed.