Sunday, August 11

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Sundö, 14:20


This morning we got up late and prepared to return to Helsinki to work. The weather had been forecast as rain and clouds, but it had brightened up to the extent that we did two celebratory loads of washing before breakfast.

Then I weeded and tidied things away, and Mikael came to ask if we would run their market stall in two eeeks time, because they want to go to see Johan’s army swearing-in ceremony. We were surprised and delighted.

Now Irma is talking with Camilla and I am looking at the view from the kitchen window. Camilla is giving us two enormous bags of extremely fresh vegetables to add to the fruit the girls collected yesterday.

We will wait until 16:00 for the cat to come home. Once it arrives we will put it in the car and catch the 16:30 ferry. In Helsinki I will cycle to the R-Kioski in Puotila to renew my bus pass, and we will eat a meal of today’s vegetables, yesterday’s fish and Friday’s lemon curd cake.