Wednesday, August 14

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Sörnäinen, 8:45


Its a wet, miserable morning but I am wearing shorts because it is still summer in my heart. The trams are slow because the summer repair work has not finished yet so I am watching the busses that I could have caught if the traffic lights had not let them straight through.

At Arcada I will complete an important discovery. I started using Memrise yesterday and carried on using it in the evening. It has by far the best learning reinforcement methodology of any apps I have tested. This morning I will move my homemade list to Memrise and try it there. This will confirm my feelings and I will decide to switch to using that exclusively. Loading it onto my Android phone, and testing it there, will convince me that it will be what I will be using this year with the students.

I will spend ninety minutes being interviewed on Skype by Gerri Moriarty and Alison Jeffers about my days as a community artist. It was a long and interesting conversation and it seemed to have come at a particularly appropriate time, as my thesis and the project that I am going to propose to Pixelache have both required me to think again about that period.

After that I will spend the rest of the afternoon transcribing an old article from Camerawork that I want to put here, and that I want to use as the basis for a new photographic project: The Return of the Camera as a Convivial Tool approaches.

In the evening I will walk through the rain in search of milk, yogurt and iced coffee, since Irma has had a tooth out and cannot drink anything hot.