Tuesday, August 21

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Senate Square, 13:15


Auo and I discussed the new policy her class teacher is trying to enforce on the way to school, and I listened to the various ways in which she and her friends are drifting rapidly into a sullen unhappiness.

I spent the morning at Soc & Kom, meeting to try to make progress with the project we agreed to organise when we met last Spring. The morning was alarmingly productive. By lunchtime we had got an outline for a two day combined competition to be held on May 8 and 9 next year. We had agreed to make it the climax of a course at Arcada and one at Soc & Kom, and Tom had promised to see if his Swedish contacts would do the same.

Then we went for a buffet lunch at Piano, which was very nice. After a long conversation at the end with Lars about the North South South project, I am walking back to the metro. I am in Senate Square in blazing heat, watching tourists sitting on the steps photographing each other.

When I get back to Arcada I will spend the afternoon on Skype with Jutta working out how to reduce the seven applicants for the trip to Johannesburg to two participants. By 16:00 we will have it done.