Friday, August 23

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Tirmo, 18:00


The weather was hot, the sky was blue and Auo and I left the house dressed for summer.

I spent another day planning. This time I started with a Skype meeting with Jutta, because we have promised ourselves that we will have an online team meeting every Friday at 9:00. Then I had a long meeting with Lars in which we began the detailed planning for the project in Johannesburg in October. There is going to be a lot to do, and Lars warned me not to expect to see much of Johanneburg while I am there.

I got home in time for a smooth exit from the house, and now we are at Tirmo waiting for the ferry to arrive. We were, in fact, here for its departure but it is Froday evening late in the summer and there was more than a ferry-load of cars waiting for the ferry.

As soon as we get to Sundö, Sunshine will leap out of its basket and start exploring the garden. In an hour he will return from the stream with the first of a series of freshly caught water rats.

We will clear weeds from the garden, eat and go to bed reasonably early.