Saturday, August 31

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Senate Square, 21:00


I got up early in the morning and cycled to Prisma and back, by way of some exercise for my legs. Later I went for a walk to Alepa.

In the afternoon we ate prawns in garlic sauce with beans and freshly pickled cucumbers. After this I went for a longer walk, and then came home to do some stretching and bending.

Now Naa and I are waiting for the Midnight Run to begin. The threatened rain has not yet arrived, and we have met four people from the Arcada group. We will start at the back of Group 4A, and run the first half much faster than last year. My right leg will collapse at about seven kilometres. Naa will run ahead and I will sit on a wall and massage it for a timed ten minutes before limping very fast to the finishing line.

Naa will finish in 71 minutes 45 seconds, which is six minutes eight seconds faster than last year. I will finish in 77 minutes 10 seconds, which is ninety nine seconds faster than last year.

We will have trouble finding each other in the crowd at the end, but we will manage to get to the metro in time, and Irma will collect us from Puotila again.

On the metro we will decide to practice properly next year, and to make sure we do by entering the Stockholm Midnight Run as well as the Helsinki one. Next year we will finish in less than one hour.