Sunday, September 1

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The woods, 18:00


I started the morning with a gentle cycle ride in an effort to get my legs working. It seemed to help. I then helped Auo to change the knobs on her desk. The old ones were breaking or broken and so we took them off and put on new ones from Irma’s stock of Bangara goodies.

After breakfast we collected Irma’s father and brought him home for lunch. We passed a very pleasant afternoon and as we were leaving I took him for a short walk to the edge of the woods where we noticed that the neighbours’ enormous caravan has now been parked there like something out of an Enid Blyton book.

I am back there now at the end of another walk that represents another attempt to stop my legs seizing up. The caravan has an enormous homemade Jesus Saves sticker on the back window and now resembles something from a Stephen King novel.