Wednesday, September 11

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Unioninkatu, 15:00


I spent the much of the morning talking through the ideas about the future of the media, in preparation for the meeting this afternoon. I felt like I was wasting my time and should be doing more important things, and then I caught myself. I realised how little I have an opportunity to do this anymore, and how necessary it is to share ideas and exchange thoughts without an immediately obvious outcome in mind.

The exchange turned out to be very productive and I decided that I need to seek out ways of doing this more often, both for my work at Arcada and my research. Companionship, I suppose it is called.

At 12:20 Liisa and I left to Soc&Kom for the meeting, during which the event was given the final name of Omtänkt, which means caring while tänkt om means to think about. Since the original suggested title was Rethinking there is Swedish wordplay going on here.

Now it is 15:00 and Liisa and I are walking towards the Long Bridge and Hakaniemi metro station. We stop to watch a man cleaning windows and then Maria cycles past in an unlikely coincidence.

I will return to Arcada to wash my hair, because both the entrances and the room with the fireplace are being retiled. Various entrances and windows are sealed with plastic sheeting and this makes having a shower impossible.