Saturday, September 14

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Sandholmsudden, 11:45


Mikael and Camilla are away for the weekend and only Ann-Sofi is here. We got up reasonably early and went to the market. There were not many people there but we stood chatting for an hour or so. Now we are about to leave, having eaten our final fishcake breakfast for this year. The weather is warm and the sky is bright blue. There are only a few boats out still.

I will spend the rest of the day painting the kitchen. Once I had started it seemed foolish to stop and by the time we leave at 18:00 the whole kitchen will be painted. While I am doing this Auo and Irma pack the house up and store everything so that the squirrels won’t get at it in the winter. The Spring before last my sock drawers were full of nuts, after which we rethought our packing arrangements.

We will leave and drive home to find out how Naa’s date went last night. Fine, apparently. The evening will disappear in television watching of the dopey kind accompanied by a glass of wine.