Thursday, September 19

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Arabianranta Mall, 14:50


I spent the morning finishing off the first block of the Mobile Apps course. Everyone has been working faster than I expected with the result that we have now made the webapp that the students managed to make last year in the last week of the course. This means I can look forward to a lot more work than I expected. It also means that we might actually cover everything I have always intended to cover, and actually have time to dive into phoneGap.

At lunchtime I had a ninety minute Skype call with Jutta, who has flu and didn’t want to leave home. We covered a lot of ground and a number of ideas and projects progressed.

Now I am at the mall buying apples and bananas, and taking the opportunity to leave the building. Yesterday it rained. Today I brought an umbrella. As I leave the mall I notice the sky is bright blue again.

I will finish the afternoon writing and emailing revised timetables for the NSS Intensive course in ten days time. Things now seem under control, and Gina seems to have the rooms booked and confident that the plan is feasible.

Irma will arrive late because of a seminar and once she is home I will cycle to Prisma to buy milk and wine.