Saturday, September 21

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Home, 12:00


This morning we had a long, long breakfast. Naa is eighteen tomorrow and Irma will be in Denmark, so we celebrated and gave out the presents at brunch.

Naa has placed all her presents on her bedroom table in a tableau, except for the Artek stool which she has wisely placed on the floor. Among the presents is a two week trip to Chiang Mai with Irma in a few weeks time.

At about 15:45 Irma will leave for the airport. I will decide that it is too late to do any painting today, because the door needs to be dry enough to close when it becomes evening. Instead I will cycle to Prisma to see if they have any Ikea-style hinges for the bathroom cabinet which has suddenly and mysteriously broken. Actually it is not that mysterious. All the weight of the door rests on one part of the hinge and the metal has snapped.

At Prisma I will learn what I expected to learn. They do not stock anything like I want and they do not think anyone else will either. There are no standards for these hinges, and it will be a miracle if I manage to find one that fits.

In the evening we will eat a lot of Irma’s delicious home-made Sundö lamb laatikko.