Monday, September 23

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Arcada, room C350, 15:00


Today was definitely autumn. The temperature seemed to have dropped about ten degrees in the night and I left the house with Auo, got one hundred metres, and turned round again to get a proper winter jacket.

I spent the morning working on the NSS project. It finally dawned on me that somehow, without it ever being discussed or without me overtly agreeing, I had switched from attending the course to being the person completely in charge of the programme. The moment I realised this was the moment that I received two emails from students in Africa asking for my permission to miss a session because of a conflicting class. Ah, I thought; and ah, yes indeedy.

In the afternoon, when the deadline for the NSS pre-assignments had passed, I compiled them all into a pdf file. As I did this a couple more arrived, so I decided to delay mailing it out until tomorrow.

Now I am in the room known as The Oasis, getting ready for an Online Media Gathering, in which all the students from all the years will sit down with Jutta and I and brainstorm. Oasis is painted lim green, has a wall sized beach photograph papered on, and is awash with Fatboys in different colours (but mainly green).

I will get home just before Auo, who went to see whatever the newest Monstersmovie is called after school. I will spend the evening painting the other door, helping Auo with her maths homework, and listening to her play the cello until I have to ask her to stop so the cat will come in.

Apparently the cat is afraid of the cello.