Wednesday, September 25

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Arcada, 14:50


It was +3 this morning when Auo and I left at 7:10.

I spent the morning with Mobile Apps, and would have spent all day with them if Viggo had not pointed out that there was a timetable clash. My course was in the system but no room had been allocated to it. The room we were using was booked for the afternoon. At 12:30 I therefore replanned the course and rebooked rooms. At 13:00 I said goodbye to the students for the day and went to create some exercise examples for tomorrow.

In a way this might have proved a blessing. We had done enough in the morning that I was able to make an example that will work as a template for tomorrow, and enable us to move as fast or faster than we had originally planned.

Now I am in the corridor as part of my current drive to avoid contact with computers for as much of the day as possible. I have decided to roam the building looking for something geometrical to photograph, and this is what I have found.

When I have decided that it is computer time again I will sit down and look through the submissions that have arrived for the NSS pre-assignment today and decide to repackage the pdf and send out a version two. I will also reschedule my Friday to take account of the teaching that has suddenly appeared there as a result of rescheduling Mobile Apps without losing teaching hours.

Then I will race home to check that all the painting has indeed been finished, and once I am certain it has, to clean the paint brushes.