Friday, September 27

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The kitchen table, 20:00


This weekend is Naa’s party weekend, and tonight is the family gathering. I have spent the morning with the Mobile Apps course and the afternoon in tutorial meetings. Before I left I packed my computer and double-checked Evernote. I noticed that it has became absolutely central to almost everything I do. Evernote is now a huge library that contains almost all my records and all the information I need, from bus timetables to articles on how to perform obscure tasks in Windows.

At 17:00 Irma’s parents arrived with her sister, and shortly afterwards Susanna and Arto arrived with Vanessa. Pies and cakes were eaten, presents were handed out, and Auo played the cello. Now everyone has left in a car and a taxi, and this is all that is left of the food.

In a few moments we will clear up and then Irma and I will sit down with a glass of wine, in a brief moment of calm before tomorrow’s party.