Thursday, October 10

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Outside Arcada, 14:30


I woke at 5:00 when the cat wanted my attention, and again at 6:30 when Irma wanted my attention. I had been so tired last night that I had slept through her late-night
packing and had no idea at all of what time she had finally come to bed.

Auo, Naa and I left for work and school shortly after 7:00, and I said goodbye to Naa (who was, by now, on the metro with her friend Jennyfer) at Sörnainen.

I have spent a long morning with the Mobile Apps group. By coincidence or not the work we did directly related to what is still going on in Johannesburg. In the end Daniel emailed his work on the mmenu jQuery plugin to Tony.

Now I am outside looking at the tree I seem to be documenting this year. Soon I will get a call from Irma and Naa who are on their way to the airport to begin their end-of-childhood pilgrimage back to Chiang Mai.

In an hour or so I will be at home with Auo and the travelling two will phone once more before switching off their phones for take-off.