Friday, October 11

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Suvalahti, 18:10


There were very few people in the Mobile Apps class today because there was a schedule conflict and I had promised Mats that he could have the conflicted students. However Daniel attended and made great progress with the jQuery Mobile framework we are creating to build interactive stories with. I am now almost convinced that we will get it done.

At 13:00 I left for home, intending to go to the Pixelache board meeting with Auo. She decided not to come and so I left on my own, leaving her watching Australian Masterchef.

The meeting was small but we discussed a lot and moved several things forward. Because we were few discussion was smoooth and the meeting was quickly over. “We” consisted of Ville, Antti, Nathalie and me.

Now I am leaving the building and looking over Suvalahti at the power station. The metro and buses will work like a well-oiled machine and I will be home by 18:45. I will do all the ironing except for the sheets, which I will leave for the weekend.

We will spend the evening reading and talking, sometimes simultaneously.