Saturday, October 12

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Vartiokyläntie, 14:00


In the morning Auo and I drove to Prisma to do the weekend shopping. While we were there I walked to Itis to look at Crazy Days in Stockmann. Auo wanted a mini-speaker for her phone but they had all already gone. We looked around and failed to find anything we either needed or wanted.

In the afternoon we spent an hour and a half clearing leaves from the garden. Auo decided that she wanted to bake some brownies and so I cycled to Alepa to buy some eggs. Now I am on the way back and I have stopped to look at some of the leaves on the trees.

When I get home the brownies will be left unmade as we settle down to make home-made meatballs instead. These will prove to be delicious with a fresh salad and new potatoes.

We will spend the evening watching much of the first half of season six of Doctor Who.