Sunday, August 13

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Vartiokyläntie, 15:51


The day started early with showers and breakfast.

Irma had made a list of things she wanted from the Sunday section of Crazy Days so at 11:00 we drove past Itis to the place where Auo has her cello lessons so that I could find out where it is. We were rehearsing for next Wednesday when I have to take her there and find a place to park while she is playing. Then we drove back to Itis.

We spent an hour or more in Stockmann collecting Irma’s items and then exploring the offers in the deli.

At home Auo decided that today was brownie day and I realised that that meant we had not bought enough milk. Now I am at Alepa about to purchase more and I notice the swirling patterns of leaves on the pavement.

When I get home the baking will start. The result will be a plateful of fantastic brownies. Auo will manage to time the cooking so that they have the slightly undercooked consistency of cookie dough while still being properly cooked. We will eat pasta followed by brownies and ice-cream, and then spend the evening watching the rest of the Doctor Who box set.

We will spend much of our time explaining the story to each other and Auo will discover, to her delight, that “every time the story makes no sense at all he talks gibberish very fast until you think you’ve missed something”.