Thursday, October 17

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The garden, 17:50


I got up early and made sure the new subdomains actually worked. Then I prepared a sequence for the morning activities. Then I missed the bus, and got to work later than I intended.

The morning session of Advanced Web Apps actually worked today. Armed with subdomains and Wordpress installations we ploughed on through the dashboard settings, the differences between posts and pages, the media library, creating simple galleries and installing plugins and themes.

After lunch I planned with Jutta and Tomas, and then I met Ville for a look at his MA thesis outline, which was looking good.

Now I am in the garden picking up leaves and looking at the quirky evening light. In a moment we will go to Prisma, because Auo has persuaded me that we need more than milk. Later we will eat soup and hot baguettes fresh from Prisma.