Friday, Ocotber 18

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Puotila metro station, 18:10


I worked from home today, and began with a long email session dealing with book exams in Dublin, speakers in Denmark, conferences organisers in Plymouth, art events in Helsinki, and students in Arcada. I also finalised my travel arrangements for next week.

At lunchtime I had an hour of Skype meeting with Jutta dealing with the forthcoming Interactive Storytelling course. Auo left for Kamppi to help her grandmother do her shopping.

Now I am Puotila metro waiting to drive her home in the dark. She is happy because it has been almost snowing all day. It is the special kind of sleet called räntää in Finnish. It looks like snow until it hits the ground where it disappears immediately.

Auo claims to be looking forward to winter. She will be delighted for three weeks and then claim to be looking forward to summer.