Monday, October 21

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The garden, 18:10


This morning was The Return to School, and we almost didn’t make it. Getting up and eating breakfast was slower than it should have been, but we made up for that by running for the bus.

I met the cultural producer students with Tomas for the first meeting of the Online Experiences course, but only one of them turned up. Presumably the rest missed the bus.

I then turned my attention to the lack of project planning in both Outlook and Pocket Informant. I found Project Libre but there seemed no sensible way to syn this to my system, and it also seemed far too complex for my needs. Through a circuitous route I rediscovered Ceptara Organizer, an Outlook plug-in I bought two years ago and threw away. I reinstalled it and realised that, at this point, it could be made to fit my needs very nicely. I also realised that I could use it to create a workaround that would make project planning possible in PI.

After this I wrote a paper describing the process Jutta and I used in Johannesburg. Jutta forced me to do this and I was glad that she did. If she hadn’t it would have remained something that I intended to do. As it was I had it all down in ninety minutes, leaving Jutta to tie it together in a conclusion. Bingo!

I timed my exit so that I could meet Auo in Itäkeskus, where we went to get her passport photographs taken. Neither of the machines worked, so we ended up spending more by going to a shop. At least we got sic good photographs out of this.

Now we are at home, and I am noticing that the sudden drop of temperature has left one of the outdoor lanterns emebedded in unexpected ice. This could have something to do with the fact that it was minus five degrees this morning, when the getting up was slow. It might also explain why the getting up was slow.