Wednesday, October 23

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Sörnäinen, 7:50


This morning, for the first tie in what feels like weeks but is in reality twelve days, we got up quietly to avoid waking Irma. I was tired from a cat-induced lack of sleep, Naa was tired from jetlag, and Auo was just tired.

Now I am standing in the semi-dark waiting for a tram. It has obviously been raining heavily in the night.

When I get to Arcada I will research background reading material for the forthcoming Interactive Storytelling course and discover that, from January, research will be compulsory for all staff. Hmm, I will say, before changing rooms in order to supervise the Mobile Apps workshop.

In the afternoon I will have an online tutorial with a student who has injured his leg, had it operated on, and is now working from his sofa at home. After that I will reread the first section of my thesis before heading home to see how The Tired Ones are managing.