Thursday, October 24

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S-Market, Arabianranta, 7:55


Irma got the brunt of the cat’s attention in the night and ended up throwing it out of the bedroom at 4:00 and locking it out at 4:10 when it burst back in. Auo, Naa and I got up early and left to catch the 7:11 bus.

Now I am at S-Market, buying something for lunch. I will end up not eating it in favour of eating an identical lunch to yesterday.

I will spend the morning with the Mobile Apps workshop, trying and failing to get phoneGap installed on a virtual machine, but succeeding in getting some student projects considerably further forward.

I will have lunch with Denice and her colleagues in a meeting designed to see if we can have further cooperation between the positive health courses and online media. Answer: maybe.

I will spend the rest of the afternoon and evening working on HTML5 audio and rwading about interactive storytelling.