Monday, October 28

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Aalto Digital Design, 13:00


Auo and I got up extremely early this morning. She had to be at Silja’s for 7:00 because Anne was driving them to school to make sure they were there at 7:30. They are playing football and the team is leaving the school promptly. Those who are late will have a normal schoolday, and nobody wants that.

I got to Arcada, read my mail, and set about making the eight images that Andrew wanted for the unconference today. By 10:20 I was in Otaniemi at Aalto Digital Design cafe where the Education Engineering Days are scheduled.

Now it is lunchtime and I am looking over the stairs at the counter. We have had a morning of short introductions and now we will have salad. After lunch we will have longer group discussions before moving to Startup Sauna for the evening public discussions.

Auo will have played in one of the three matches, but was happy about being in the team for the first time. I will leave Otaniemi at 20:45, before dinner, catch a 102 to Rautatientori, realise I am hungry and stop for a chilli con carne burger at McDonalds. I will be home by 22:20.