Friday, November 1

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Charles Church, 13:45


Breakfast at the Ibis was not included, and I was reluctant to spend £7 on a buffet, so I didn’t. I had a bath and then got the bus to the centre. This was a fifteen minute ride and, through luck or telepathy, I got off at exactly the right spot. I found the Drake shopping mall and the Roland Levinsky Building. I got my ticket for the performance at 11:30, sat through it, and wished I hadn’t.

Now I have been to the mall, and to Tesco, and I have bought gifts of the edible kind, and lunch, dinner and breakfast for me. I am waiting for the bus number 50 to take me “home”. I am looking at the Charles Church, which is an elaborate set of ruins on a roundabout.

Later it will rain heavily in an increasingly bitter wind, and eventually thunder; and I will consider myself prevented from attending the second of the available performances. I will read, write, tweet, message and eat my Tesco food instead.

I will also watch British television and find some of it entertaining. Kirsty Young will make me laugh out loud hosting Have I Got News For You.