Monday, November 11

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Hameentie, 16:20


This morning it was pouring with rain.

Over the weekend I had semi-deliberately ended my run of Temple Run 2. I had been winning the daily and weekly challenges for 5 days; I had got everything it was possible to get, except for one remaining upgrade, and the new artefacts that appear so infrequently that there is no point trying to hunt them; and I was losing interest. So on Saturday I just let it slide and, having done that, I found no reason to start again on Sunday.

Free at last.

I spent much of the morning and all of the afternoon with the Event Producer students, Tomas and Jutta, introducing the Online Experiences course. I was not exactly overburdened with information to give them.

Now I am leaving Arcada. The rain has become a drizzle and I am looking at the almost perfect half moon.

I will buy milk on the way home.