Wednesday, November 13

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Sörnäinen, 7:50


Yesterday Auo caught the bus, just when we thought we had missed it. Today we missed the bus, just when we thought we had caught it. Yesterday it was raining. Today it is just cold.

I am waiting for a tram or a bus, and the ground is still reflective from the night’s downpour. I am still thinking about Liquid Story Binder, and Textilus, plotting my next steps.

I will spend the morning with Thomas, holding impromptu surgeries and workshops with the groups from the Interactive Storytelling class. They are all developing interesting ideas, albeit at different speeds. I will spend the afternoon planning tomorrow.

At 16:30 I will have a final chat with Jutta, back from some meeting to which I am glad I was not invited, before heading home, lured by the siren call of shoals of ironing.

I will read back over a couple of chapters of the thesis on the metro. See: the new system, it works!