Monday, November 18

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Hameentie, 10:10


It is Indian visa time, and I have been to the Indian Embassy to deliver the passports, papers and money. Every year it changes and this year is no different. This year the embassy is in Kulosaari, about three houses down from Jyrki and Laura, and the cost of my visa has almost tripled. Britain and India are in some sort of immigration argument, and the result is that my six month visa will cost 167€; will be processed by hand in London, once it reaches the top of the pile; and may not, in fact, be granted at all. The others will get their 50€ visas on Monday.

Now I am approaching Arcada. I got a tram that was going to the depot and I am the only person on it. I like empty trams.

When I get to work a note from HostMonster will inform me that one of our accounts has far too many database tables, and so I will spend most of the day deleting subdomains and trying to tidy everything up. I will pause to have a working lunch planning things for Period 3.