Friday, November 22

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Sörnäinen, 8:45


It was wet again this morning. The tramlines are shiny and the pavement is slippery.

At 11:00 I will spend an hour talking about my research in a session for Tina’s Proseminarium course. Nobody will be very interested but it will serve to clear some cobwebs out of my head and enable me to present my new structure in public. Since I am firmly convinced that the best way of thinking something through is to talk about it, and listen carefully to what you find yourself saying, I finished the session happy. I had enjoyed listening to myself.

Later I will enter a Twitter discussion with Vinay Gupta in which I realise that he is, in effect, talking about Timothy Leary’s SMI2LE concept. I immediately understand that this was also what I had been skirting round for the last year. BINGO, lights on!

I will spend the rest of the afternoon thinking about that while I try to finalise the dropdown menus on the new version of this site. I will continue to do this in the evening which is nicely wine-free and thus conducive to long-range thinking.