Tuesday, November 26

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British Embassy, 18:20


Today began with reports from all the groups in the Interactive Storytelling masterclass. They were supposed to have got their stories under control and to have moved onto serious storyboarding and possibly even shooting images. Some had done this, and one group couldn’t turn up because they were actually out shooting in a network of tunnels under Helsinki. Some had not really done this, and were still grappling with their stories.

All of them had progressed and nobody seemed to be heading for disaster. Jutta, Thomas and I were quietly satisfied.

In the afternoon I emailed about things varying from Irish students getting grades retrospectively to the number of sausages required for the barbecue at Auo’s school this Saturday.

Ten days ago I received an invitation to drinks at the British Embassy, and so at 17:00 I met Irma outside, and in we went. We chatted to the ambassador and his assistant, talked to some people teaching at the International School in Ruoholahti, ate Stilton and various sandwiches and drank white wine. Now we are leaving the embassy to go home.

We will be greeted with the sound of a rapidly improving cellist.