Saturday, November 30

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Kuulosaari, 11:00


This morning was an extra school day for Auo, and she and I left for the bus at about 8:15. I then sat with a few parents watching the maths class, because that is what parents were invited to do.

Now it is the school fair, and Peter and I are in charge of the barbecue. We will sell sausages from 11:00 until 13:15 as a double act, ably assisted by Teija and Sebastian and, later, by Anne and Dan.

In the afternoon Irma and I will to Prisma after which we will have a family cooking session, with Auo chopping onions and leaks while wearing shades and contriving to look like French film star from the sixtires. This will result in some delicious fish; before we all find ourselves collapsing on the sofa.