Monday, December 2

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Sörnäinen, 8:40


Irma had another meeting in the centre today so three of us travelled on the metro together from Puotila. Now I am waiting for the tram, and watching one of the specially decorated ones pass by.

I will spend the whole morning trying to get my diary and task list sorted out. I have suffered a once-in-a-year-or-two meltdown in the synching department, and I cannot recover from it. On Friday I emailed Dave from Fieldston to say that gSyncit was misbehaving and he sent an update which seems to have singlehandedly eaten everything. To be fair, Pocket Informant Online seems to be misbehaving too, and it is difficult to see which one is actually to blame.

By 14:30 I will have everything repaired in Outlook but my iOad will still be an unusable mess. At this point I will go downstairs to see if my new laptop is ready. It won’t be, but later it will.

And to Jutta’s amusement it will have its own detachable woofer.