Wednesday, December 11

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Arada, 7:55


The ground was slippery again outside Arcada and I watched two people fall over. I was reminded that somewhere who works here broke both of her arms falling over last week, and so I stepped cautiously.

I have walked along the corridor for no reason I can think of and I am looking at the empty dining area, with its festive lights. In fact, I think it was the festive lighting that drew me here.

I will spend another morning with the Advanced Web Apps group, answering questions and trying to correct misconceptions. Several people have made surprisingly fast progress and are beginning to understand some or most of the fundamentals of Wordpress.

In the afternoon I will experiment with moving this site to another server, in preparation for demonstrating how this is done. It is sometime since I have done it and I would prefer to try it in practice before I begin confidently bluffing.

After that I will attempt to make iTunes happy about living on the new laptop, before sliding home.